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Airsoft replica guns - Airguns - Tactical Equipment

Despite the fact that airsoft guns and airguns are not considered firearms by U.S. regulations, the Airsoft simulator market importance cannot be overlooked by the professional tactical trainer and shooter..

For this reason we became the U.S. distributors for the U.S. market of Evolution International Airsoft, a prominent European importer of high quality airsoft articles from Taiwan and China.

Forget the cheap Chinese toys you find at U.S. toy stores ; Evolution International products are designed and assembled in Italy and seriously engineered with simulated recoil systems .
The operating system of these guns is so similar to that of their real firing counterparts, that Evolution International applied for brand license form real gunmakers like ZM Weapons, Lone Star Tactical Supply, Armi Dallera Custom, etc.

These are replica guns you will be proud of; each gun has its own dedicated box or case and accessories and spare parts - if ever needed - will be available through our customer systems.

You will treat these guns with the respect deserved to real guns and their real shooting sensation will help you teach shooting basics and safe handling to beginners and youngsters, giving deal the real hand on sensation which divides replicas from toys. You will be able to train at your home, office or any other facility at a fraction of the price of Simunitions or Laser guns wihout the hindrance of real wound risk (when normal precaution are adopted) or damage or defacement to property.


What is an airsoft gun

An airsoft is substantially a replica of real gun, shooting plastic BBs at different level of energy, depending upon the gun setup. 

The current design, constituted by a an electric engine actuating an air piston, was developed by Marui in Japan at the beginning of the Nineties and is currently the standard.

 The great advantages of airsoft guns over other simulation systems - like SIMULATIONS for example - are

  • very low operating  cost
  • low danger for users
  • low or negligible damage to property and training environment (rooms, furniture etc.). This makes training possibile in any real situation where simulations or paintball guns would not be useable.
  • favourable regulations as they are almost everywhere classified as toys or airguns
  • negligible noise

Uses of Airsoft replicas

 The most common use of airsoft guns in Europe is for military simulations (MIL-SIM). In these simulations you can have groups of players (sometimes in the thousands) simulating military operations.

Despite the fact that player always use masks and other protections to protect eyes and body parts, in general airsoft energy  will be limited to 1 Joule or little more while that power level can be heightened for professional simulation use and force on force professional simulation.

 Another very interesting use of airsoft guns is for shooting training and force on force simulations, otherwise called stress training.

This type of training was created as an answer to the usual critique that "targets don't shoot back" so many police departments (NYPD for instance) mandated range training first and the simulation of real happened gunfights ; since they obviously could not use real guns for that (otherwise training would be too realistic) first they used simunitions (which are expensive, very powerful and need a dedicated area as bullets are made of paint) then passed to airsoft which are must less expensive and consent usage in area normally dedicated to different occupations (like hospitals, schools etc.) without the risk of damage or defacement of furniture or property.

 You can look on You Tube for "airsoft force on force simulation" and will find many simulations run by police departments  - sometimes even involving SWAT teams - who use airsoft instead of Simunitions.

 Moreover, differently from Simulations, airsoft BB are available to the public and easy to find (Simulations, for example, are sold only to police departments, not to the public and this very scarce to find).

If you want a realistic weapons training systems at your disposal you just contact us for a demo of the system.

We thank Evolution International Italy, Black River and Phantom International for accepting us as their preferred partners for the U.S. market.