WHO WE ARE                                      (and where we come from) 








The beginning goes back to the early 1990’s.  


I lived in Texas and got a license to carry a concealed handgun.  I realised that even though I could carry a firearm, I didn’t know the right and wrong ways to put the firearm into action if needed.  It was at this point that I started to study gun laws and became interested in gun rights.


I formed the Tactical Shooters Club in order to learn and practice how to use firearms in practical shooting scenarios.  

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) was a new practical shooting sport and the Tactical Shooting Club became affiliated with IDPA.  

I became a Safety Officer Instructor and was very active in the sport.  I was able to serve as a Safety Officer at IDPA National matches for ten years.


Towards the end of the decade I began traveling to Italy to help spread the idea of law abiding citizens using firearms in the practical shooting sports.  It was at one of the Safety Officer classes I was teaching in Italy that I met a policeman named Simone Ciucchi. 


Simon, as he prefers to be called, started telling me about the gun laws in Italy as he was a gun rights activist in his country. .


Back in the USA I started a new company called Lone Star Tactical Supply.  I was granted a Federal Firearms License and began to supply firearms and accessories to shooters.  About the same time I became a Life Member of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) in order to fight for my gun rights here in the USA, similar to what FISAT was doing in Italy.  I’ve been a speaker at the SAF Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois and in Orlando, Florida.  I also traveled to Italy and Russia to speak to people about gun rights.


Simon encouraged me to start a new shooting association for the furthering of guns rights.

So I formed the Lone Star Shooting Association (LSSA).  LSSA is a 3-gun shooting association where the shooter can expect to use a handgun, rifle and shotgun in the same shooting match.  This organization was used to fight off attacks on Italian citizen gun rights by some of the liberal anti-gun factions in the Italian government.  Mr. Fabio Guerra is well known in Italian shooting sports and is Director of European Operations for LSSA.


I began to notice that many shooters in Italy were having problems getting quality firearms, parts and accessories for their guns.  What was needed was a source that was honest, dependable and fairly priced.   I approached Simon and presented him with a plan to address some of the issues that Italian citizens were having.  


I noted that Simon’s wife, Silvia Gentile, was a lawyer specializing in Italian gun law and that she had opened a firearms company in Italy called Mage Arms.  


My idea was simple but required a life changing commitment from Simon.  

My plan would require Simon to retire from 27 years in law enforcement so that he could head up the new company located here in Texas.  The new company would be Interfor USA Group, Inc.  


Interfor would obtain a Type 7 Federal Firearms license.  

With the Type 7 FFL the company would export firearms and parts to foreign gun shops for distribution throughout the European Union.  
Interfor would also get a Type 8 FFL required to import firearms to the US for sale. 


Interfor USA Group, Inc. became a reality in 2014.  


We spent almost two years after the company was formed getting things set up.  

Acquiring FFLs, company location and all the miscellaneous things needed had been accomplished;  
Simon retired from his law enforcement career and received a special visa to stay in the US to run the company.


We are committed to our values and hope our story will make you interested in working with us.



                                                      Gary Burris